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We reach to expand and then something happens next.

“You expand and then you meet your own resistance. In the human body and experience, as in nature, there is a continuous play between these forces. We reach to expand and are held back by constriction.”

—Betsy Polatin, Humanual, from Chapter One, (c) 2020

Of the various things I’ve read over the last while, this quote is one that has stayed with me. We reach to expand and then something happens next. What happens? Sometimes there is expansion. Sometimes the expansion stays for a while—maybe a long, long time—or maybe it’s briefer. And then something next happens. What happens next?

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Poem For A Longest Night (and For Any Other Moment)

I wrote a poem this week after a monthly meeting with a group a cherished colleagues. I described the poem as a kind of collage of things. Later today (with the help of some feedback), I thought that perhaps it could be a nice poem for this longest night—this year’s winter solstice—as well as being a fine poem for any other moment. I’m sharing it here in two photographs.  Read more ›

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Where does your attention go and what goes with it?

In any given moment, we can ask ourselves questions about our attention: “What is my attention focused on right now? Where is my attention going? Is my attention focused broadly or narrowly? Is it moving around or is it stuck on one thing?” In any given moment, we can also bring curiosity to what emotional tone is going with our attention. Read more ›

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Travel hopefully

Travel hopefully. I am told a local psychiatrist who has passed away used to share this phrase often. The first time I heard the phrase, I never wanted to forget it. Isn’t it beautiful?

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On Being Cheered and Cheering

I came across an email today that was sent to me on Thursday, April 5, 2001. It was from a dear friend and concluded, “YOU CAN DO IT, CHAMP!”. From what I can tell, it appears I was about a day away from handing in my undergraduate thesis. Read more ›

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