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Practicing Noticing Goodness is Simply Practicing Noticing Goodness

Practicing noticing goodness does not mean the invalidation or denial of all that is in contrast (and stark contrast) to goodness (to kindness, beauty, generosity, hope, wonder, awe….). Practicing noticing goodness is simply practicing noticing goodness. It is the cultivation and allowing of noticing, breathing in, savouring, appreciating, even celebrating, of goodness in any given moment—without minimizing or dismissing it and without inserting any other add-ons, at least/even if just for a brief while.

At least theoretically, practicing noticing goodness can help with mood, connection, the experience of positive emotions, a kind of self-regulation, perseverance, and rest.

Practicing noticing goodness can be like an important, cherished, and needed companion that accompanies us as we go through our lives (and all that may be in them). This leads me to be curious: if you have a practicing-noticing-goodness-companion, what does yours look like? And what is it noticing right now?

Photo by Tracy Riley, 2023.