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What Wants to Shine Back?

“We have to open ourselves up to receive what wants to shine back.” — Jessica Dore.

I came across this line recently in the book, Tarot for Change, by Jessica Dore (2021, p. 17). It’s a sentence that has lingered.

There are questions and curiosities that might naturally follow from a sentence like this. Among them are curiosities such as: in any given moment, am I opening or closing right now? In what ways? (And is this opening or closing wise, helpful? Is it helpful in some ways and not in others?)

What part(s) of me are opening right now and what part(s) of me are closing? What part(s) of me want to open, want to receive, and what part(s) of me are saying, “No way!”?

Regardless of whether or not I am open right now, what wants to shine back?

As a final example for the moment, importantly: what is already shining?

Photos by Tracy Riley, 2021, 2022.