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Links to Audio Recordings of Loving Kindness Meditations

In this post, you will find an impressively non-exhaustive, small, fluid compilation of links to guided loving kindness meditation practices generously recorded and offered by various individuals for personal use. Some of the meditations are focused primarily on the practice of offering loving kindness to oneself, while others include the practice of offering loving kindness to oneself and others.

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Practicing Noticing Goodness is Simply Practicing Noticing Goodness

Practicing noticing goodness does not mean the invalidation or denial of all that is in contrast (and stark contrast) to goodness (to kindness, beauty, generosity, hope, wonder, awe….). Practicing noticing goodness is simply practicing noticing goodness. It is the cultivation and allowing of noticing, breathing in, savouring, appreciating, even celebrating, of goodness in any given moment—without minimizing or dismissing it and without inserting any other add-ons, at least/even if just for a brief while.

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Are you looking for services offered by registered psychologists and psychological associates in Ontario? Try askforhelptoday.ca.

AskForHelpToday.ca is a free, referral service offered by the Ontario Psychological Association that helps people looking for services provided by registered psychologists and psychological associates working in the private sector in Ontario to find them. Primary care providers such as physicians can also refer patients to this psychologist-and-psychological associate-matching-service using their electronic medical record platform (see news release here).

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