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We reach to expand and then something happens next.

“You expand and then you meet your own resistance. In the human body and experience, as in nature, there is a continuous play between these forces. We reach to expand and are held back by constriction.”

—Betsy Polatin, Humanual, from Chapter One, (c) 2020

Of the various things I’ve read over the last while, this quote is one that has stayed with me. We reach to expand and then something happens next. What happens? Sometimes there is expansion. Sometimes the expansion stays for a while—maybe a long, long time—or maybe it’s briefer. And then something next happens. What happens next?

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I see a heart with wings.

Photo by Tracy Riley, 2020.

I see a heart with wings.

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Resource: Daily Questions from

Daily Questions—or what I have been tending to refer to as the daily question—is a wonderful resource available on the website,, that I wanted to share here in case you or another might sense it to be a nice fit/resource for you at this time and/or it might be something you experience it as beneficial.

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