I provide services focused on inspiring awareness, understanding, honouring, and navigating. Ultimately, I assist people in learning to befriend themselves—their whole selves—and to navigate their lives from this self-compassionate way of relating.

Counselling & Psychotherapy

I provide counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, group psychotherapy, and heart rate variability biofeedback. Clients may participate in either individual sessions, group therapy sessions, or both. Clients may participate in heart rate variability biofeedback either in conjunction with participation in psychotherapy or separately, in essence, as a standalone service.

Examples of experiences people have that may lead them to work with me include the experience of acute or chronic stress; anxiety; worry; emotional or physical pain; depression; self-criticism; challenging, frightening, or painful life experiences; life transitions and changes; mild to moderate levels of self-injury.

I have a particular interest in helping people to better understand the emotions they are experiencing and to find ways to work with them that feel helpful and meaningful. I also have strong interests in helping people utilize compassion, mindfulness, nature and the expressive arts to support well-being.

Compassion-focused therapy and emotion-focused therapy are two approaches to therapy that significantly influence my work.

Training & Programs

I am available to offer workshops, presentations, and/or group programs (e.g., compassion focused) that support continuing education and professional development. I am happy to support people working in a range of settings such as in outdoor education, wilderness therapy, health care, counselling and therapy, public service, and business settings. 

To date, the majority of presentations I have given have been on the topic of working with people who self-injure. My areas of focus are on the therapeutic applications of mindfulness and compassion, compassionate mind training, compassion-focused therapy, working with emotions, and non-suicidal self-injury. I like to incorporate creative elements and nature into the presentations and workshops I offer whenever possible.

If your organization or group would like me to provide programs and/or training in any of these areas, please feel welcome to contact me about this.

When the presentations or training requires me to travel outside of the Kingston area, typically more advanced planning is required as this enables me to coordinate this training with the therapy services I offer (e.g., to coordinate with group therapy programs/dates).

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