The professional practice of Tracy Riley is Inspiring Connections.

My fundamental aim is to provide services and resources that support and enhance people’s mental and emotional well-being.

My overarching focus is on advancing the understanding of compassion for oneself and for others, mindfulness, and working with emotions; and on the applications of this in people’s personal lives and work. I also have strong interests in the roles of the expressive arts and nature in supporting well-being.

I provide counselling and therapy to individuals, as well as group therapy to adults. The Restorative by Nature Group Therapy Programs I offer are focused on the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion (including self-compassion), and on the cultivation of stabilizing and resourcing practices and experiences. Programs foster a sense of safeness and supportive connection to oneself, to others, and to the natural environment.

Individual and group therapy sessions are offered virtually by video to those located in Ontario at the time of receiving service, as well as in-person in a nature-immersed setting near Sydenham, Ontario.