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Imagining Hearts of Supportive Presence

I took this photograph today. Later, I noticed hearts lining the spines of some of the leaves.

Noticing this led me to wonder: what would it be like if there were a heart residing in every single vertebra in every single spine of us – or a heart residing in every single visceral juncture (bone meeting space meeting bone, vessel meeting vessel, cell meeting intercellular space meeting cell)?

I also wondered, what would it be like for each of us to imagine that our own spines are filled with hearts of presence and support, or to imagine that inside of ourselves are a plethora of hearts located anywhere and everywhere we need them (any size, any shape, any colour…) and that these too are hearts of presence and support?

What would it feel like to go for a walk feeling the support of your spine filled with hearts, or to be met by that plethora of supportive heart presence inside in whatever you are experiencing?


Photograph by Tracy Riley, 2021.