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October Photographs, Reflections, and Link to a Guided Meditation

Life includes (or can include) really hard things and awful things, in various places and at various times. Life also includes (or can include) things that are beautiful, often profoundly. One of the things I like about the photographs below is how they include a mix of both shadows, stormy tones, and also vibrancy and light—each apparently juxtaposed with the other.

When I view how the whole contains both aspects, both truths, I reflect on how, to me, life is like this. There are things that are awful, painful, heart-wrenching, and/or wrong. It can feel hard for the caring, feeling heart to find its way. At the same time, there is so much beauty—the kindness, care, and generosities that beings can and do give to one another; the stunning radiance of deciduous trees in autumn when the leaves colour-shift; the surprise of a full and complete rainbow on an ordinary, rainy day; the specialness of a cat who enthusiastically runs to greet you. It’s wonder-full—breath-taking at times and also breath-giving.

I am reminded of a lovely guided meditation offered by Jack Kornfield, Align Yourself with Goodness Meditation, where he invites the listener to bring their attention to all manners of goodness that can be found right here, right now, and everywhere. It’s nourishing to remember these goodnesses, to take time to actively bring our attention to them, to savour, appreciate, and rest. To re-member. (And to recognize and appreciate your own goodness too.) You can listen to that meditation here:

Look at those glorious fall leaves glowing like a beacon. Look at the stunning glow of that rainbow right where it appears to begin or arrive at the water’s surface. Look at all that sparkly light. Let the beauty nourish you. Even let the beauty feel like love, a helpful reminder, an encouragement. This beacon beaming right to you, right here in this moment, right now.


Photos by Tracy Riley, (c) 2022.