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Winter Solstice Symphony and Poem by John Welwood

Today during the winter solstice, I had the pleasure of witnessing a symphony of trumpeter swans and geese creating music together. Their music echoed into the stillness of the surrounding landscape while the sun lowered and set beyond the horizon. It was magical.

Also today, a poem by John Welwood came to mind. Some lines from the poem include

“Open your heart to who you are right now,” …
“All of you is holy.” …
“Breathe out,
touch in,
let go”.

You can read the full poem here.

And here (below) you can listen to a short (lower quality) recording of the music of the symphony of trumpeter swans and geese today.

Symphony of Swans and Geese on Winter Solstice, 2022

(You’ll likely need to turn up the volume to hear the recording.)