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Matthew Walker on Sleep in an Interview with Joe Rogan

The information on sleep that sleep researcher and self-ascribed sleep diplomat, Matthew Walker, shared in this interview with Joe Rogan is of such profound importance, it is well worth taking the time to watch.* If you haven’t watched it already, the video I posted earlier of Matthew Walker giving a compelling, whirlwind tour of sleep research at a Google Talk is also one I highly recommend.

My hope is that the research Matthew presents will inspire people to aim to get enough sleep on as regular a basis as possible as best they can, and to get enough natural sleep (sleep that entails natural sleep processes and rhythms) to the extent possible. Watch the videos and imagine how different it might be if the vast majority of people everywhere were neither sleep-deprived nor sleep quality deprived. Echoing versions of a phrase Joe Rogan used at times in the interview, “It really just blows the mind”.

I have so much respect for the efforts Matthew Walker is making to advocate for sleep for all, including his plea backed by compelling data for institutions and systems to make meaningful changes to support this. As he said in the interview so eloquently and passionately: “Sleep is the elixir of life. It is the most widely available, democratic, and powerful healthcare system I could ever possibly imagine” (Matthew Walker in an interview with Joe Rogan on April 25, 2018).




*Note that there is a bit of profanity in the above video, as well as some discussion of various substances. I mention this in case it would be helpful to know when deciding the suitability of when and where to watch it.