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Free E-Book, “Compassion: Building Practice and Science”

The e-book, Compassion: Building Practice and Science, edited by Tania Singer and Matthías Bolz is hot off the press! You can learn about and download the e-book  here. The 531 page book is divided into four main sections: experiences with training compassion, concepts of compassion, science of compassion, and training programs of compassion. Read more ›

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Three free anxiety-related resources on Dr. Martin Antony’s website

I read a comic posted on Facebook recently that said something like “what a nice winter we’re having this spring”. It has been indeed.

One of the ways to enjoy a winter-like day in spring is to do some reading. On that note, I was revisiting the website of Dr. Martin Antony recently. Dr. Martin Antony is a psychologist in Ontario who specializes in anxiety disorders and cognitive-behaviour therapy in part. Below are three helpful axiety-related resources that are currently posted on his website and available to download for free. Read more ›

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Understanding Self-Injury: Five Key Concepts

Early March greetings to you!

Here you can view and download the handout, Understanding Self-Injury-Five Key Concepts (pdf). Please feel free to share it with anyone who you think might find it useful.

If you are a helping professional looking for in-depth information to assist you in your work with individuals who self-injure, check out the resource, Working With People who Self-Injure: A Resource Guide for Helping Professionals. Read more ›

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What is Mindfulness?

Go to nearly any self-help or psychology section in a bookstore these days and you’ll probably find books with mindfulness in the title. Below is a link for a handout I’ve written that provides a brief introduction to mindfulness. It contains information you might find useful if you are learning how to experience mindfulness in your life, including if you are beginning to practice guided meditations such as a body scan meditation.
Read more ›

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