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Documentary film, Free the Mind, at Screening Room in Kingston next week

Free the Mind is a documentary film exploring the influence of aspects of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga on children (one child in particular is featured) and veterans. I watched it recently at the Screening Room in Kingston and see that it will be back for encore shows there next week on Wednesday and Sunday.

I enjoyed the film but admittedly wasn’t enamoured by it. This was mostly because I thought it left quite a lot of information out and I wondered if it would be a bit confusing in certain respects for a viewer who essentially knew nothing about the topics covered (a comment intended respectfully here).

Nevertheless, the film was uplifting. It also illustrated the usefulness and significance of psychological interventions and practices. I was moved by the courage of the individuals featured in the film, the caring and patience shown in the film, and also the individuals’ efforts to find some way forward. I also enjoyed seeing Dr. Ritchie Davidson in the film. I’ve heard him speak before and find both his commitment to conduct research that may not have always been viewed with open arms of acceptance, as well as the results of his research to be inspiring.

If Free the Mind piques your interest, you might also enjoy watching Healing a Soldier’s Heart.