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Summer is a time for renewal. Registration is now open for July’s Enhancing Wellness Through Mindfulness & Self-Compassion Program (Series One)

Summer is a natural time for slowing down one’s pace, for relaxation, for reflection, and for personal and professional renewal. This July, I will be offering series one of IC’s burgeoning program, Enhancing Wellness Through Mindfulness & Self-Compassion. To accommodate interest in the course, Read more ›

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Register Now for "Enhancing Wellness Through Mindfulness & Self-Compassion: A Five-Week Introductory Course". May 28th to June 25th, 2012!

The gardens at the IC headquarters are looking beautiful right now as I write to you on a sunny May morning. I am excited to announce the above upcoming program I will be offering beginning later this month in which you will have the opportunity to spend some time in the gardens here if you’d like, as well as being inside. Read more ›

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Three Days Left to Listen: A BBC radio 4 program on mindfulness

This arrived in my inbox today and I enjoyed listening to it. It is only available to listen to for three days more so it’s a time limited opportunity. The piece blends music, poetry, and interview including with psychologist, Mark Williams, who teaches at the University of Oxford. He cites inspiring research on the benefits of mindfulness for people who experience recurring times of depression. Read more ›

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