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You have perhaps heard the expression, “begin wherever you are,” — and of course that’s all we can do really at any point in time. You have to start right here with what is happening and how you are feeling and where you are. However, you may have also heard the suggestion to try to act as if you are somewhere or someone else. If you are shy, the instruction might be to act as if you are out-going, to consider what an out-going person would do in the situation, and then go and do that. There are many contradictions and there can be value and truths in both.

My aim is to inspire connections and to honour the journey. My over-arching focus is self-compassion–whether when teaching about self-injury or emotion regulation,  reflecting on the journey through grief or healing from trauma, or supporting someone who is experiencing anxiety and taking even one  courageous step to expand their level of comfort or self-care. We are all on some journey.

Consider: what would be most helpful or nourishing to you right now, which truth? Lean into that one for a while.


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