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April Photo Challenge: Photos and Thoughts

Life can be full of distractions. Maybe life is one distraction after another on some level and sometimes  satisfaction comes from engaging with what comes. I am moving offices May 1st and that has been one of my late winter/early spring distractions. To-do lists, anyone?

Of course, some things that come our way are very hard, painful, frightening, or sad. Then, if we can, being able to bring as much gentleness and care to ourselves (and others) as possible while also working to don courage becomes one of the tasks. I would say, it’s a life-long journey, and not always easy. I can attest to that.

It can be helpful to keep things small. I’ve been accumulating photos from the past months, as well as little thoughts. Each week over the coming month, I will post one of my photos and at least one “little thought” – as brief as a word and a one sentence reflection.

I welcome your “little thoughts” back. Inspiring Connections loves to receive your comments. Like ripples flowing out from a stone dropped into still water, your comments inspire connections!

Happy April Eve.


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