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“Compassion: An Introduction” — 2016 Video by The International Center for Compassionate Organizations

At this link you can watch a video on compassion that was produced, recently released, and generously shared by The International Center for Compassionate Organizations. For those who have participated in compassion-focused therapy sessions (e.g., via the mindful compassion group therapy program), some of the lines early on in the video will sound very familiar—I hope! More →

A Reflection on Heroes

I received a card once with the Maya Angelou quote on it, “I think a hero is any person really intent on making this place a better place for all people”. It is a quote that has come to my mind at different points over the years since I first read it.

I like the quote. I also would like to build on it.

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Registration is open for Mindful Compassion Group Therapy Programs that begin in October

These mindful compassion group therapy programs are geared to participants’ development of self-understanding, self- (and other-) compassion, and, importantly, of courage. Programs that begin in October include More →