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Sculpture and Poem

“Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding…”

Here is a video of the kinetic sculpture, Diffusion Choir, followed by a poem by Rumi. I have wanted to pair this art installation with this poem for quite some time. In my mind, I hear the words of the poem being recited aloud alongside the visual of the kinetic sculpture in the background. Read more ›

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The heart and the Bottle: A book by Oliver Jeffers

The book, The Heart and the Bottle, written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers (2010), wisely begins, “Once there was a girl much like any other…”. The story is about someone and something common—someone and something understandable, relatable. More →

Begin where you are and go from there

When people express feeling unsure how to proceed with working on something they are desiring to work on in their lives, and when my input about this conundrum is solicited, one of the responses I sometimes give is akin to this: to proceed, begin where you are and go from thereMore →

CBC Documentary, “Transforming Gender,” and Related Videos

I wanted to help spread the word about an excellent documentary CBC first aired about a year ago, during the fall of 2015. It’s called, Transforming Gender, and features transgendered individuals talking about some of their experiences. The film is available to watch online to those currently residing in Canada.  More →