Services » Therapy for Individuals

I provide individual therapy to residents of Ontario who are 18 years of age and older.

  • Who I help

    I work as a self-employed psychologist and provide individual psychotherapy and group therapy to adults ages 18 and over. I have 20 years of clinical experience.

    I aim to help people improve and maintain their sense of well-being, to navigate challenges they are experiencing in ways that feel helpful and honouring for them, and to move toward what feels important to them in their lives (to help people move toward what they value as meaningful to them and important). I bring a wholistic focus to my work.

    Examples of the types of experiences that people have that may lead them to work with me include the experience of acute or chronic stress, anxiety, worry, or emotional pain; depression; self-criticism and the desire to work on lessening its negative presence/impacts; challenging or painful life experiences; health challenges; life transitions and changes; the desire to become more self-aware and more self-compassionate.

    Some of the long-standing interests (and areas of learning and practice) I have in relation to emotional well-being include: in the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion, including self-compassion; in nature, the expressive arts, and wilderness therapy to support well-being; and in neurobiologically informed approaches to understanding and supporting people who have experienced chronic stress and/or trauma and who are working to live with and beyond those experiences.

  • My Approach

    I am influenced by several approaches to therapy including, as examples, compassion-focused therapy, emotion-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and neurobiologically-informed approaches more generally (including polyvagal theory).

    For those currently specifically interested in cognitive-behaviour therapy (in general or as a starting point), my work falls within what is referred to third wave cognitive behavioural therapy (or therapies).

  • Location, with Sessions Available by Video and/or In-Person

    The home base for my psychotherapy practice is a tranquil, nature-immersed setting near Sydenham, Ontario (north of Kingston).

    I meet with clients by video, as well as in-person. Clients can choose to meet the way that works best for them whether by video, in-person, or a combination of these.

    During the most treacherous parts of winter due to travel logistics to my location, some clients opt to meet by video for some of sessions instead of in-person.

    For appointments by video, clients need to be located in Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, or the Yukon at the time of any given session.

  • Session Length and Frequency

    Typically, individual therapy sessions are one hour in length occurring from once per week to once per month for a number of sessions and period of time that works well for you and for what you are experiencing.

  • Fees

    Fees for my services are paid for by the person seeing me for therapy at the time the service is rendered or by a third party when funding has been approved by that party for a person to see me for sessions. An example of the latter is when Medavie Blue Cross pays me for services I have been authorized to provide to individual members of the Canadian Forces and to veterans.

    Services provided by registered members of the College of Psychologists are recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as medical expenses for income tax purposes.

  • Scheduling

    If you would like to inquire about booking an appointment, please contact me.

    For current clients, I offer the service of being able to schedule appointments online at your convenience. Please contact me for more information.