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I provide group therapy programs for individuals ages 18 and older. Group therapy sessions are offered when demand permits. If you are interested in participating, please contact Tracy Riley.

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  • Group Therapy Focus

    In general, the group therapy sessions and programs are geared toward people who are

    • experiencing significant self criticism and are wanting to work on lessening the presence and impact of that (e.g., you may be someone who is highly self-critical, experiences significant self-doubt, shame, or poor self-image; or may be struggling to feel understanding, accepting, and caring toward yourself)
    • wanting to work on cultivating increased compassion for oneself and others, which includes cultivating qualities such as courage, strength, kindness, confidence, wisdom, a sensitivity to suffering and a motivation to try to alleviate it
    • experiencing anxiety or depression and want to learn ways to help lessen these, in particular by developing mindful and compassionate ways of thinking and interacting with oneself, alongside mindful and compassionate ways of being and doing, that support easing the presence and/or impact of anxiety and depression
    • experiencing high levels of stress, hyperarousal, and/or high arousal states and who are wanting to learn and practice ways to bring qualities such as ease, calm, soothing, and/or rest to their psychophysiological systems.
    • experiencing difficult emotions (such as anger) and want to learn to increase their awareness and understanding of what they are experiencing, as well as to learn how to navigate what they are experiencing (the emotions that arise) in helpful ways.
    • desiring to work on these things partially or fully in a group therapy setting in which each person who attends does so with the motivation to create a supportive environment for both themselves and others to learn, develop, heal, and/or grow.

  • Group Therapy Approach

    The group therapy programs are based on compassion-focused therapy and on compassion-based therapies more broadly. Expressive arts elements are used in many of the groups.