Services » Restorative by Nature Group Therapy Programs

The Restorative by Nature Group Therapy Programs are focused on the cultivation of mindfulness and compassion (including self-compassion), and on the cultivation of stabilizing and resourcing practices and experiences.

Programs foster a sense of safeness and supportive connection to oneself, to others, and to the natural environment.

Group therapy programs are based on compassion-focused therapy and on compassion- and mindfulness- based therapies more broadly. Expressive arts and connecting with nature are incorporated throughout the programs.

Group Programs

  • Mindful Compassion Group Therapy Program: This is a 12+ session program where each 2 hour session builds on the session before and the participants are the same from the beginning to the end of the program.)
  • Inspiring Connections Through Collage: This group utilizes collage-making and reflective practices, group discussion and sharing, and skills in mindfulness and self-compassion as its structure. This group has a therapy emphasis on practicing and learning to bring kind curiosity to your feelings and experiences, and to honour your being and experiences in a befriending, compassionate kind of way.