Inspiring Connections Through Collage

The Inspiring Connections Through Collage group therapy sessions are focused on supporting your personal growth, healing, and/or self-nourishment within the guidance, safeness, and support of a welcoming group therapy setting. 

This group utilizes collage-making and reflective practices, group discussion and sharing, and skills in mindfulness and self-compassion as its structure. This group has a therapy emphasis on practicing and learning to bring kind curiosity to your feelings and experiences, and to honour your being and experiences in a befriending, compassionate kind of way.  Read more ›


Mindful Compassion Group Therapy Program for Adults

The mindful compassion group therapy program is about learning how to listen to and to make friends with yourself: to meet yourself in whatever you are experiencing with understanding, patience, and support. It is about learning to notice and bring curiosity to your inner experiences and to develop compassionate ways to work with what arises inside—not limited to but including ways to work with the judging, self-criticizing, and/or shaming kinds of thoughts and the painful kinds of emotions you experience. The program is about helping you learn to approach and navigate your inner and outer experiences with compassion, wisdom, and courage. And it is also about helping you learn how to help your nervous system to feel a greater sense of safeness, calm, soothing, and/or ease.

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