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Healing as a Process. Inviting Spaciousness.

For today, first, a quote: Healing is an on-going, organic process, not a single ‘big bang’ moment (Pat Ogden & Janina Fisher, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Treatment, 2015, p. 73).

Aware that sometimes there can be overt, covert, external, internal, intentional, and/or completely unintentional and inadvertent messages that may lead one to wonder if there is something wrong with them because healing-is-not-over-and-done-by-now, whatever that looks like, whatever version one is living, I wish to present the option of an antidote. The antidote I wish to offer is that of spaciousness: spaciousness for the unfolding, spaciousness for the ups and downs and layers and curiosity and learning and all of it, spaciousness for the journey. No arbitrary timeline. No condemnation. No “I should be over it by now”. No “I should be fine”. (No judgement either if threat systems are firing and the idea of spaciousness gets the threat system going.)