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IC Fundraising

For the month of July, I am donating 50 percent of net proceeds from the sales of all items in the IC Store to a self-employed friend who is under-going chemotherapy for several months as part of treatment for cancer. If you have been considering purchasing a resource from IC, now is a great month to do it!

Please spread the word widely. Read more ›

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Understanding Self-Injury: Five Key Concepts

Early March greetings to you!

Here you can view and download the handout, Understanding Self-Injury-Five Key Concepts (pdf). Please feel free to share it with anyone who you think might find it useful.

If you are a helping professional looking for in-depth information to assist you in your work with individuals who self-injure, check out the resource, Working With People who Self-Injure: A Resource Guide for Helping Professionals. Read more ›

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Bliss (April Photo Challenge Week Five)

Samples of my sources of bliss: being in wilderness, in nature, teaching, writing, reading, expressive arts, wholesome food, inspiring, caring, creating, listening to the songs of birds outside my window, sipping tea and watching the snow fall or the garden grow.

What are some of your own sources of bliss? While it may not be possible to inhabit them fully all of the time, could you carve out some time, even 5 or 10 minutes, to honour one?

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Torn, Muddy, and Golden (April Photo Challenge Week Four)

It is easy to fall down on your kneesFrom a long poem and wonderful book by Mary Oliver called The Leaf and The Cloud (2000, p. 48):It is easy to fall down on your knees
when the shining rain begins to happen.

It is easy to be thankful
for the bundles of wild roses
ledged along the dune.

Is is as easy as if you were yourself a flower in the field,
the rain tossing you and tossing you,

until you are that flower—
as torn as muddy as golden as that.


I have always loved those lines and remembered them, if not exactly, but their essence in my heart. Read more ›

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Look Closely (April Photo Challenge Week Three)

A quick glance from afar and we might conclude something is spent, dried up, haggard. We might feel this way sometimes too — even as if there is nothing good or workable. Stopping and slowing and looking closely, we can still find a gem. Sometimes we need help from an outsider and their view.

As always for me, the star reminds there are many paths, many points that can lead to and support the same centre Read more ›

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Balance (April Photo Challenge Week Two)

Balance. There is a concept in exercise physiology that to get maximum benefit, we need to alternate activity with rest, that we need to alternate more demanding activity with lighter activity, and that we need to have varied activity that differentially supports the development of flexibility, endurance, and strength. This sounds to me like a lesson for life. Students and hard-working non-students take note: in general one extreme or the other isn’t generally helpful. Read more ›

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Forever (April Photo Challenge Week One)

I imagine that the Forever inscribed and placed on this bench refers to the love and bond someone (or a group) has with another who is no longer living– a bond that will last forever. Encountering this bench made me feel quiet, and it made me also reflect on other bonds that we have and other commitments. Read more ›

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