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Dr. Maya Angelou on Receiving and Being Rainbows

I wanted to share with you this short video of Dr. Maya Angelou speaking on an Oprah Winfrey Master Class that aired approximately 7 years ago, on January 16, 2011.



When I listened to Dr. Maya Angelou here, words that came to mind were beauty – conviction – fortitude.

As you read this, or as you take a next action, (or as you simply breathe), perhaps consider, what might it be like if you were to invite everyone who has ever been kind to you to be with you now? Instead of having a critic alongside, what might it be like to have someone kind alongside, or, at least as a minimum, to have someone kind and strengthening alongside in addition to the critic that shows up?



Sadly, Dr. Maya Angelou passed away on May 28, 2014.