Use this recording as part of your personal practice of cultivating qualities and feelings of compassion for others and for yourself. This recording may be especially helpful for those who can more readily offer friendliness, acceptance, and encouragement toward others than they can toward themselves.


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The term loving kindness is used to describe a full, generous, radiant quality that includes feelings of good-will, benevolence, unselfish friendliness and love. Guided meditations centered on loving kindness are used to nurture the feelings and qualities of loving kindness that exist within you and to direct these qualities toward others and toward yourself. Many people find that regularly practicing loving kindness meditations increases positive emotions they experience.

This recording focuses specifically on helping you connect with feelings and qualities of loving kindness, imagining offering these first toward a cherished other and second, toward your own being (toward your self). This practice may be especially helpful for those who wish to actively work toward offering (and learning to offer) qualities of friendliness and support toward their own selves, in addition to offering these qualities to others.

The download includes two tracks: an introduction (2 min, 54 sec) and the guided meditation itself (20 min, 13 sec). The meditation was professionally recorded in a small studio in Kingston, Ontario in 2013. The voice on the recording is of Tracy Riley.