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Working with People who Self-Injure: Concepts & Tools for Understanding & Helping (Continuing Education/Professional Development)

This training is aimed at helping you in your work with people who self-injure. It is divided into two main parts. The first part focuses on helping you gain an increased understanding of self-injury such as functions of self-injury and emotional dynamics that are often involved. The second part focuses on helping you learn complementary conceptual and practical ways to approach therapeutic work with someone who self-injures.

Main topics covered include

  • what self-injury is
  • functions and meanings it can serve
  • self-injury’s relationship to suicide
  • common dynamics in self-injury and contributing factors
  • overarching frameworks for helping
  • concrete ideas for how to help when the focus of conversation is on self-injury

Additional modules available include

  • enhancing self-capacities through working with emotion and through cultivating mindfulness and compassion
  • assisting during a self-injury crisis


If your organization or group would like me to provide programs and/or training in this area, please feel welcome to contact me about this.