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Restorative by Nature: Mindful Compassion Through the Seasons

Group programs of three 2-hour sessions per season. Participants may sign up for whichever season/seasons they wish. As with the Restorative by Nature: Mindful Compassion Practice sessions, the focus of these groups is on offering a supportive environment for you to connect with yourself, with others, and with nature, and to practice various mindfulness, compassion, self-compassion, stabilization, and resourcing practices in a structured, guided way within each session. Expressive arts activities are part of these sessions.

The mindful compassion through the season group sessions are offered online, as well as in a hybrid format when weather and pandemic conditions permit. In the hybrid format, some participants join virtually via video alongside other participants who participate in-person on-site. (Currently, all on-site sessions are occurring outdoors. If pandemic conditions permit, we will look to resuming in-person indoor options in mid-fall/winter….)

Participants are asked to bring a sketchbook to each session, along with some basic drawing/writing supplies (e.g.,. pen(s), pencil crayons, oil pastels and/or markers….). Participants may be asked to have available/bring some other expressive arts supplies.


-openness and motivation toward engaging in these restorative and resourcing focused practices with others in a group setting

-at least some degree of comfort and sense of safeness/okayness with engaging in guided mindfulness and compassion-focused practices, both in general and in a group setting

-the ability and commitment to contribute to our collective work as a group to create of a group environment that is welcoming, peaceful, respectful, gentle, and nourishing.



Photo by Tracy Riley