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Restorative by Nature: Mindful Compassion Practice (Group Therapy Sessions)

This semi-closed/semi-open group is designed to offer a supportive environment for you to connect with yourself, with others, and with nature, and to practice various mindfulness, compassion, self-compassion, stabilization, and resourcing practices in a structured, guided way within each session.

The mindful compassion practice group sessions are offered online, as well as in a hybrid format when weather and pandemic conditions permit. In the hybrid format, some participants join virtually via video alongside other participants who participate in-person on-site. (Currently, all on-site sessions are occurring outdoors.)

Sessions are 1 hour, 30 minutes in length. Participants are asked to bring a sketchbook to each session, along with some basic drawing/writing supplies (e.g.,. pen(s), pencil crayons, oil pastels and/or markers….).


-openness and motivation toward engaging in these restorative and resourcing focused practices with others in a group setting

-at least some degree of comfort and sense of safeness/okayness with engaging in guided mindfulness and compassion-focused practices, both in general and in a group setting

-the ability and commitment to contribute to our collective work as a group to create of a group environment that is welcoming, peaceful, respectful, gentle, and nourishing.


“Quiet friend who has come so far, feel how your breathing makes more space around you.” —Maria Rainer Rilke, Translated by Joanna Macy, poem, “Let This Darkness Be a Bell Tower”. (Photo by Tracy Riley.)