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Group therapy programs and workshops to support personal and/or professional development.

Open Group, Mindfulness and Compassion

These group sessions provide clients with the opportunity to regularly nourish the seeds of mindfulness and self-compassion they are growing via guided, structured practice in a safe, group therapy environment, as well as to have some time for connection with others and self-reflection. Sessions are structured and each session is 1 hour in length.

If you would like to participate, please contact Tracy Riley for more information.

Once your participation in the open group sessions has been approved, you can sign-up to attend the sessions the session dates and times you would like. Please note that although you can sign up for an open group session right up to the day of the session, if at approximately half a week prior to a given session there are an insufficient number of participants signed up, that specific session will be cancelled.

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Mindful Compassion Group Therapy Program

This 12-session group therapy program is about learning to make friends with yourself: to meet yourself in whatever you are experiencing with understanding, patience, and support. It is about learning helpful ways to work with the thoughts and emotions that arise in you – including with the self-criticizing/shaming kinds of thoughts and the painful kinds of emotions. It about supporting you in approaching and navigating your inner and outer experiences with compassion, wisdom, and courage.  (more…)

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Working with People who Self-Injure: Concepts & Tools for Understanding & Helping (Continuing Education/Professional Development)

This training is aimed at helping you in your work with people who self-injure. It is divided into two main parts. The first part focuses on helping you gain an increased understanding of self-injury such as functions of self-injury and emotional dynamics that are often involved. The second part focuses on helping you learn complementary conceptual and practical ways to approach therapeutic work with someone who self-injures. (more…)

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