Outer space, lactic acid, and a bathroom stall—inspiration

In her book, The Compassionate-Mind Guide to Building Social Confidence, Lynne Henderson wrote

There are people everywhere who are working to make the world a better place and to build trust among all peoples. (2010, p. 55)

Each time I recall this line, I find it comforting, uplifting, and connecting—connecting to so many people everywhere trying to make a positive difference, showing courage and care. Read more ›

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Heroes and the Heroic, Thank You

Yesterday I watched from my neighborhood as Canadian military personnel arrived in a helicopter and, from that hovering helicopter, rescued a crane operator who was trapped at the end of the arm of the crane, due to a huge fire and smoke below the crane (and the crane’s cab). I also witnessed, as so many others have, the swift, prolonged, and skilled actions of numerous fire fighters, police, and other emergency responders and technicians, as well as volunteers Read more ›

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The Beautiful Song, Sisters of Mercy

The first time I heard the song, Sisters of Mercy, written by Leonard Cohen and performed in this instance by Serena Ryder (studio version), I was riveted. At the song’s conclusion, I took a deep breath and uttered, “Wow”. Needless to say, I really like this song. Read more ›

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Musings from learning that a 2-minute posture can change hormone levels

Compassion-focused therapy aims to help us cultivate certain skills, qualities, feeling states, and motivations (e.g., skills and qualities compassion, feelings of safeness, the motivation to show care and to alleviate suffering). These we can then use to help work with particular difficulties or situations such as shame, self-criticism, or difficult emotions. Compassion-focused therapy also aims to help address and alleviate the fears and blocks we may have to experiencing compassion Read more ›

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Free E-Book, “Compassion: Building Practice and Science”

The e-book, Compassion: Building Practice and Science, edited by Tania Singer and Matthías Bolz is hot off the press! You can learn about and download the e-book  here. The 531 page book is divided into four main sections: experiences with training compassion, concepts of compassion, science of compassion, and training programs of compassion. Read more ›

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